Eric Michiels

International Speaker

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Talks on Intelligence (human and computer)


The audience will have a step by step plan to follow and improve on their memory.


Using real research and personal anecdotes, the audience will be delighted to understand how they can improve their memory and learn faster.

Experience in multiple settings

"Eric is a great speaker. We worked together on delivering talks to over 70 Schools in 1 year. The audience loved him.
Rodrigo MenessesCEO - Mezel Education - Toronto
"Eric is a great and entertaining speaker, for any type of audience. I've worked with him for over 3 years and consider him my friend."
Frank MañanaWorship Leader - Union Church of San Salvador
"I really enjoyed his talk, I'm usually distracted but I payed full attention all the time Eric was speaking."
John P.College Student

Bible verses committed to memory


Verses learned






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